Mixed Leagues

Looking for some leisure time out with your partner, friends, or a social activity for yourself?   

From Sunday to Friday, we have a variety of adult mixed leagues for you to enjoy.

V.S.L. Mixed Monday 6:30 pm.

A fun, mixed team format, started by the Veteran’s Service League.


City Ten Pin  Monday 9 pm.  

Canada’s oldest sanctioned league, now in it’s 116th year.

New, mixed, 4 player format, lots of competition here. 

Click here to view league standings


Alleygators – Wednesday 9:00 am.

Originated by the Police and Firefighters of Hamilton.

For those who enjoy a fun, daytime, mixed team format.


P & G Mixed – Wednesday 6:30 pm.

One of Hamilton’s former, big employers, fun and competition in this mixed team format.

Click here to view league standings


Mixed Petersen – Wednesday 7:00 pm.

A relaxed but competitive, mixed, individual format.


Happy Gang Mixed – Wednesday 8:15 pm.

A fun, mixed team format for those who prefer a later start time.


Fool and Flagon 10 Pin Miixed  Thursday 6:30 pm.

A 5 player mixed team format, migrating from the former Bowlerama Stoney Creek.
Still looking for a league? We have three spots to fill, come and join us.


Friday Stelco Mixed Friday 6:15 pm.

Also originating from the Stelco workforce, a fun, mixed team format.

A great way to begin the weekend.


Funtastiks Mixed – Friday 6:30 pm.

A fun, mixed team format, begin your weekend where “fun” is in style.

Year end banquet!


Jonarc Mixed Classic – Sunday 9:45 am.

The most competitive mixed team format in the Hamilton area!

Featuring current and former Canadian Team members and up and comers who want to take their place.

Split season.


3 – B Mixed – Sunday 6:15 pm. 

A fun, mixed team format, an enjoyable way to wind up the weekend.


Hamilton & District Mixed – Sunday 6:30 pm.

A fun, mixed, 4 player team format, from novice to veteran bowling here.

Year end banquet!

Actively recruiting new bowlers.  Any age/skill level.  Sign up individually or as a team.


Vegas/ Casino Mixed – Sunday 9:00 pm.

Plan a your vacay by paying towards it weekly in this fun, mixed team format.

Then enjoy yourself on a year end trip in fabulous Las Vegas!



Why not give us a call,  we’ll get you signed up and involved in the fun.              905-549-2882.